Tagesmeldung vom 30.07.2023

Tagesmeldung vom 30.07.2023

Tagesmeldung von Bord
Törn 0815 | Race 3 – Lerwick – Arendal
Nordsee – zwischen Shetland Inseln und Norwegen

Position 59°00 N|001°56 E
Kurs, Speed 115 | 5,2kn
Etmal 120nm
Wind S – 3bft
Luftdruck 1000 hpa
Bedeckung 5/8
Temp (L/W) 16°C, 15°C

Our day started quite early in the morning because we prepared our vessel for the start of the race. In the All-Hands, that was set at 4am, we first planned the day and then started unpacking all the sails. Lots of trainees were exited because it was their first time unpacking them. Despite that it went very well and it didn’t take long for us to switch from using the engine to sailing. While setting the sails we turned in the direction of the starting line and headed there.
Because we were allowed to cross the starting line at 9am (Bord time), not earlier we had to take away some of the sails, otherwise we would have been too fast.
Only a few minutes after 9am we crossed the starting line right where it was planned and the race finally started. Here we met some of our competitors. Sailing between all these beautiful Vessels was truly a once in a lifetime moment. The great weather and banana-cake the people with galley duty made also contributed to our high spirits.

Heading east we were starting to set course in the direction of Norway. We again set all the sails, this time even the brig! Fully canvased we are currently making our way to Arendal. Seeing our competitors on the horizon is quite lovely. Even a big whale was spotted in the distance, which exited the whole crew. We have very little south-east wind but its supposed to change to a more northern wind soon.
The other vessels from our class have also started crossing the starting line, but not every vessel has made it there yet.
So far its going quite well for us and if the winds get a bit better we will be in an even better position.

Cheers, Herr Seemann!
Freyja wünscht ihrer Oma alles Liebe und Gute zu ihrem Geburtstag! Bis bald im juister Teestübchen.

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