Tagesmeldung vom 08.08.2022

Tagesmeldung vom 08.08.2022

Törn 0773 | Aalborg-Rostock
In der Einfahrt zum Großen Belt

Position 56°02,0 N|011°02,2 E
Kurs, Speed 205 | 7kn
Etmal 85nm
Wind WSW – 2bft
Luftdruck 1025 hpa
Bedeckung 6/8
Temp (L/W) 17°C, 18°C

Today´s report will be in English for a change! We had our first night and morning of watches after leaving Aalborg and woke up to a sunny day off the coast of Denmark. Overnight, we navigated along an offshore wind farm and spent some time trying to identify what ended up to be an offshore platform stationed near a Danish port, but initially looked like a large UFO.
As much as the sun was there with us, the wind was not and we had no choice but to turn the engines and lower the sails around 10am. It would also make it easier to go through a narrow channel with heavy marine traffic. We are expecting (or at least hoping for) more wind once we are through and we take a South Eastern turn East of the island of Fyn, likely in the evening.
The mood is great on board and everyone is happy to be there. The trainees, among which I am, are slowly but surely (with the patient guidance of more experienced crew and salts) finding their marks. One of our main challenges is to find our way in a maze of ropes which we sometimes must pull and at other times release, aside from going up the mast to release sails or secure them. Being on board of such a large sailing ship is an amazing experience that I recommend to anyone!
The cooks are preparing us an amazing spaghetti Bolognese, which we are all dying to eat. In the meantime, those not on watch are either resting or doing their ship duties.
We wish you a sunny and windy day, like the one we are looking forward to!

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