Tagesmeldung vom 27.07.2023

Tagesmeldung vom 27.07.2023

Tagesmeldung von Bord
Törn 0814 | Cruise in Company: Frederikstad – Lerwick
Nordesee – Hafen von Lerwick

Position 60°09,8′ N|001°09,3′ W
Kurs, Speed 000 | kn
Etmal nm
Wind E – 1bft
Luftdruck 1006 hpa
Bedeckung 1/8
Temp (L/W) 18°C, 17°C

For finishing up with 12 intense days onboard we have collected the best moments of the voyage of our crew members. So we asked the crew for a brief summary of their happiest moments.

Paddy: dancing traditional scottish folk dances at the crew party
Ole: the march as expeditioners in the crew parade
Blackie: winning the crew parade in Lerwick
Ronald: the nice sunny day in Lerwick
Callum C.: entering the harbour of Sirevaag after being seasick
Alin: swimming to an island in a lake in Sirevaag
Bärbel: finally setting sails after going under engine!
Eldon: doing the dishes while having a party in the galley with German music
Mareike: walking in the dunes at the beach in Sirevaag
Alissa: playing Völkerball with everyone together and being reminded of old school memories
Nick: packing the stay sails in the harbour in Lerwick
Amir: greeting Gero while being in the rigging
Jürgen: visiting the crew of the Capitan Miranda in Fredrikstad
Gero: still seeing the sunlight at midnight
Katja: the multilingual crew and how we got along so well
Lotta: the beautiful beach in Shetland connecting the Northern Sea and the Atlantic Ocean
Jörn: lying in my bunk and listening to the sea
Tom: swimming in the Northern Sea in Norway after an intense team building exercise
Callum W.: dancing at the crew party
Bartosz: the clay target shooting activity in Shetland
Melanie: having an unexpected galley party at sea
Freyja: when the whole crew was participating in the maintenance of the rigg
Robin: getting the ship ready for port and setting the flags crossing the masts
Lina: when I made fast a mooring line for the first time on my own
Jana: Turning off the engine, finally!!
Alex: the view over the Norwegian landscape in a sunset near Sirevaag
Karin: Proud of the crew after winning the crew parade
Herbert: The second day after leaving Sirevaag, there was sun and we were sailing for the first time

We are deeply grateful for all those memories and will carry on the feeling of freedom and friendship across nations in our daily life.

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  1. Mike sagt:

    Wonderful crew, tnx, Karin !!!

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