Tagesmeldung vom 27.02.2023

Tagesmeldung vom 27.02.2023

Tagesmeldung von Bord
Törn 0797 | Ponta Delgada
auf dem Atlantik

Position 33°17,9 N|053°18,7′ W
Kurs, Speed 080 | 3,8kn
Etmal 91nm
Wind NNW – 5-6bft
Luftdruck 1006 hpa
Bedeckung 4/8
Temp (L/W) 18°C, 19°C

Watch 1 1200-1600
It is always easy to come on deck to take your watch with a full belly. Today Mario and his Backschaft helpers made a rich coconut green chicken curry served over white rice. This work is often physical, requiring stamina and balancing skills of a circus acrobat- in addition to food preparation and cooking!

The sun was shining as we took the deck from Watch 3. They had the topsails upper and lower set and the Fock, as well as the fore staysail and inner jib. The helm was very stable as winds were coming off the stern for the whole watch. Reports of increasing winds came true as the watch unfolded. Before the cloud cover came in, Amir took to the rigging for maintenance. His strategy for reaching the repair rivalled any slack line artist.

Below on deck, the off-watch chorus practice a new arrangement. Happy is a crew that sings together. Toward the end of the shift, watch leader Thomas, led a seminar in firefighting techniques on deck. Smells of something sweet emanated from the galley giving us strength to finish the watch.

As the clouds increased and temperamental Beaufort edged towards the double digits, Roald showed who was boss, cutting across the Atlantic at a respectable pace. Rumour has it that if the predicted sustained winds prevail we may have time for two ports in the Azores.

A short rain shower closed the watch with Jan bringing sweet cake to the helm, but no coffee. And so, we leave the ship in capable hands the singing continues below in the saloon. Respectfully submitted,

Mark G.
Hugs to Tom and the Galipeaus of Washington

Jan grüßt Angelika, Karl-Heinz, Christiane, Kimmo, Thore und Kerrin

PS: Der Geschwindigkeitsrekord der bisherigen Reise geht einmal mehr an Wache 2: 10,9 kn in der Spitze! 😊 Wir sind begeistert von Roalds Starkwindsegeleigenschaften und rauschen mit den Wellen um die Wette gen Osten. Sogar ein Wal sagte kurz Hallo!

Karin grüßt Peter und die gesamte Familie

Corinna grüßt Mama, Anne und Paula!

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