Tagesmeldung vom 21.07.2023

Tagesmeldung vom 21.07.2023

Tagesmeldung von Bord
Törn 0814 | Cruise in Company: Frederikstad – Lerwick
Im Hafen von Sirevag

Position 58°30,3′ N|005°47,7′ E
Kurs, Speed 000 | kn
Etmal 14nm
Wind NW – 3bft
Luftdruck 1008 hpa
Bedeckung 8/8
Temp (L/W) 16°C, 14°C

We started today by completing various maintenance tasks onboard, we turned some of the gording lines by 180 degrees to even out the wear on the lines. To do this we sewed the lines together on the deck and up in the rigging before pulling them through. We also re-varnished the storage lockers and re-spliced some worn out lines. Then it was time for a delicious lunch of shrimp, salad and homemade bread. The shrimp were caught locally and kindly gifted to us by Morgenster a fellow Tall Ship Vessel in the port of Sirevaag. Then we quickly cleaned the ship in preparation for hosting an open ship. We were delighted to welcome onboard lots of locals and tourists to share the story of the Roald Amundsen.

We then had the opportunity to explore the port of Sirevaag so we walked around the local stalls, took the chance to see other open ships and visited the local shop. After stopping back briefly at the ship to gather our team we walked out to the shop to meet the local guides who would take us on a walk to the local games hall ‚Brusand Idrettslag‘. When we arrived we were each served with a generous portion of mashed potato and smoked sausage. After finishing our meal we began playing Völkerball, German dodge ball, which was absolutely fantastic. Ten rounds later we were all very tired so we were excited to find an ice cream shop on the walk home. Once we had finished our ice creams a group of us decided to seize the moment and go for a swim on a beautiful beach on the way home.

Feeling exhilarated and full of energy we returned to the Roald Amundsen to warm up and enjoy our last few hours in Sirevaag. We will set sail to the Shetland Islands early tomorrow morning. In a few days we will have made it across the North Sea and will be enjoying all of the events on offer, we can’t wait!

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