Tagesmeldung vom 20.07.2023

Tagesmeldung vom 20.07.2023

Tagesmeldung von Bord
Törn 0814 | Cruise in Company: Frederikstad – Lerwick
Skagerak Südküste Norwegen

Position 58°20,2′ N|005°59,2′ E
Kurs, Speed 340 | 4kn
Etmal 102nm
Wind NW – 6bft
Luftdruck 1009 hpa
Bedeckung 8/8
Temp (L/W) 14°C, 14°C

We were rolling and pitching, rolling and pitching…
Midnight again, time for the first watch to take over the helm and the lookout. Today’s lesson was on the emergency case: “Man over Board”. We learned about the correct way to act in the water as well as on board. Then we started bracing the yards again, hard to starboard, hoping that we might set at least the main topmast staysail as we had hope to do during the last watch. We hoped that this time we could set the sail for more than only five minutes, this was until we realized that we are already further west than expected and there is no chance to sail further north under the given conditions. We hope to make the north sea crossing at the weekend when the weather has improved.

After a while we started talking about seaman’s stories and are discussing whether it is true that sailors have always a women in every port and amazing love-stories are told- Sharing stories helps the four hours on duty are pass quickly. In the last few minutes of the watch, the skies opened, we all got wet and started feeling cold – summertime sailing at it’s best, especially when we are thinking about the hot temperatures at home, south in Germany.

This morning we were informed by our captain that we will enter the port of Sirevaag, together with our good friends from Capitan Mirand, Dar Mlodzedzy and Morgenster. We braced the yards again and escorted by a tug we turned almost perfectly in the small harbour basin. As we came alongside we received a warm welcome by the port. They are official Cruise-in-Company-Port and they have a special programme for us: A short trip to an old World War II German defense base, including a small meal for the crews from all ships. On our way through the dark caves we had a lot of fun and we were rewarded with an amazing view looking down over the port and the surrounding nature of the typical Norwegian cliffs and volcanic landscape.

A few hours later we returned to the ship, tired, but very happy about this short port stay, hoping that the wind will veer at Friday night and help us on our voyage to Shetland.

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