Tagesmeldung vom 05.07.2023

Tagesmeldung vom 05.07.2023

Tagesmeldung von Bord
Törn 0812 | Tallships Race 1 Den Helder – Hartlepool
Doggerbank Kurs West nach Hartlepool

Position 52°45,7′ N|000°25,3′ W
Kurs, Speed 270 | 6kn
Etmal 103nm
Wind NNW – 4bft
Luftdruck 1006 hpa
Bedeckung 6/8
Temp (L/W) 15°C, 15°C

Thanks to the split watch system I got a good nights sleep. Therefore starting the day with some daylight was easy and beautiful. Now two sails are set and the engine is running that’s why we were able to be quite quick. After our watch in the night we had to put the sails down because we were getting to Hartlepool too quick.

We did routine watch duties during our daylight shift. Personally I started to miss the big waves due to the fun i was having jumping around. But soon the next highlight of our trip was arriving: We approached the ‚Null Meridian‘. We did a countdown just like on New Years eve, and enjoyed this special moment within our Watch.

In the end there was time to learn about safety and ship sails to boost the knowledge about the ship. Thanks to everyone that was ready to share a story and to teach anything about sailing and the ocean. And while we were talking, a dark line appeared on the Horizon. First speculations of it being an enormous, not moving whale, were quickly dismissed. It was the english coastline.

So after many hours on sea, our target harbour seems to be very near. We plan to arrive this evening, hopefully without being chased away again immediately, because of our very small Union Jack Flag. Today we hissed a slightly bigger one, hopefully that´s enough. Fingers crossed.

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