Tagesmeldung vom 03.08.2023

Tagesmeldung vom 03.08.2023

Tagesmeldung von Bord
Törn 0815 | Race 3 – Lerwick – Arendal
Skagerak Südküste Norwegen

Position 57°42,8 N|007°00,3 E
Kurs, Speed 055 | 4,0kn
Etmal 27nm
Wind NW – 2bft
Luftdruck 995 hpa
Temp (L/W) 18°C, 15°C

The day started with the Roald sailing under full sails on her way closer to the Norwegian coast.
Our ship was accompied by the Tenacious a little bit behind on our portside. So we could admire her nice unique colourful sails which truely are amazing to see.

At the daily all-hands at 11 our captain decided that the wind wasn’t strong enough to bring us to our goal of Arendal in time and that we had to therefore use the engine. To ensure we put away the sails smoothly and quickly our normal 3 watches got put into the two groups we use for manovers, with one group taking the fore mast and the other the main mast, after this the captain would tell our topsgast which sails he’d like to be taken away and they would then firstly tell us so as we could get prepared for them to then coordinate the effort. After putting away our sails we used the opportunity to loop back around so as to do a close pass by the Tenacious which was really nice as we got close enough to them to not only wave but to truely see the crew and even some people tried to have a short conversation shouting across the water.

After we had returned to our course to Arendal we once again gathered in an all-hands and here we where told who would pack what sails as each watch would get assigned their own, and to add a competitive edge we were also informed the sails would be judged, so the best and worst packed sails would be named. With this extra pressure of some friendly competion on our minds each watch set about packing their assigned sails with extra care to try an ensure the might get named best packed or more importantly to ensure there sail would not get named worst packed.

Later that evening when thing were just beginning to settle down for the night the captain had the idea to throw the man-over-board-bouy over the edge of the ship and into the sea starting a man over-board drill. After the alarm was sounded everyone jumped into action as we tried to not only return to the position of the man over board but also launch the dingy so as to be able to retrieve to marker which was playing the target of this drill. We where successful in retrieving it in a good. The bouy was soon safe and sound back on board.

After these action packed few minutes we returned to the normal routine of the watches for the rest of the night as we continued under engine into the night heading towards our final destination in this Tall Ships Race 2023.

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