‚cross the pond: all female crew sails squarerigger westbound to Martinique.

‚cross the pond: all female crew sails squarerigger westbound to Martinique.

.. this years‘ voyage from Canary Islands to Martinique will be sailed by an all-female crew – a rare constellation, if not first-time-ever for a square-rigged SailTraining ship. From engine room to yardarms, galley to bosun’s locker, bridge to keelson: women only. A strong team, leaving about 2’300 nautical miles in their wake before dropping anchor and going quayside in Martinique.

follow the crew’s logbook of impressions, daily delivery right here in ‚tagesmeldungen‚. welcome aboard and fair winds to the crew!

Brig ROALD AMUNDSEN. Discover. Beyond the Horizon.

Brig ROALD AMUNDSEN: Sail Training year round, operated by a non-for-profit organization. Now a messenger of cross-cultural understanding and communication beyond political and geographical borders the brig ROALD AMUNDSEN simultaneously is an iconic epitome of the East-West German History during and post Berlin-Wall-Years:
the hull, initially designed as an offshore fishing vessel, was commissioned in 1952 in East Germany (in Roßlau/Elbe) – and designated to serve the Defence Services of the then German Democratic Republic. When the Berlin Wall came down, history rendered her obsolete. A bunch of enthusiasts with visions beyond the horizon acquired the laid-up ship and re-built her from 1992 onwards as a traditional brig, intended as a Sail Training Vessel. Her maiden voyage as a Tall Ship in 1993 proved them right!
Operated since by the not-for-profit organization ‘LebenLernen auf Segelschiffen e.V.’ & run by an all-volunteer regular crew, keeping up and handing down traditional seamanship. And looking behind the horizon. Welcome aboard the ROALD AMUNDSEN - discover!

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  1. Paula Holt sagt:

    I would like to take part in an all women voyage.

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