Tagesmeldung vom 06.02.2024

Tagesmeldung vom 06.02.2024

Tagesmeldung von Bord

Törn 0835 | Inseln über dem Winde
Unter Segel zwischen Nevis und Anguilla

Position 17°57,6′ N|063°13,3′ W
Kurs, Speed 339 | 5,1kn
Etmal 106nm
Wind NNW – 5bft
Luftdruck 1013 hpa
Bedeckung 1/8
Temp (L/W) 28°C, 27°C

The days roll together like the stern wind pushing the trusty ship onward at 255.
From the deck at the watch change of 12 to 4, the island of Saba rises just off the port bow. Capped in mist and a ring of lights we move ever onward to the land of St. Martin-Sint Marten.

The gentle rolling rocks the watch below with a familiar pattern, lulling the hard working crew to blissfull slumber and deep dreams. Plans to visit St. Kitts and Nevis earlier in the day were scuttled due to the poor harbour and the prevailing winds from the south. So onward we sail to Anguilla with a better protected harbour and a chance for a shore visit. Third mate Leon, knew the fine port of Sandy Ground on the British Island of Anguilla. The harbour held many fine ships including the Vela, a private chartered topsail schooner.

Our well trained crew had the 9 sails packed (probably for the last time on this tour) before the anchor was dropped and the dinghy quickly but safely prepared for going ashore. The ribbon of white powdered sand beach welcomed the sailors and offered several beachfront locations to get free WIFI, and coffee. The legendary cafes offered local delicacies like conch, and fresh fish prepared to your liking. It was refreshing to hear English spoken at the majority of the tables and Yankee Dollars were the currency of the businesses, though plastic is universal. Many of the other sailors from anchored boats were held captive by our crew stories of adventure and the routine daily life aboard Roald. We are great salespeople! As the evening dinner crowd assembled for their trivia night, the rested crew took one last dip in the cooling salt water as the stars emerged overhead. Back on board, anchor watch had kept us safe and would do so throughout the night as we are gently lulled to sleep with dreams of our visit to this delightful island.

love and greetings to RE, the Galli Theater Crew Berlin and friends, to Joe, Tami and Jana

Much gratitude to my friend Sabine S. who got me hooked on the voyage of the Roald and a different way of seeing the ocean.

Hellos to my shipmates Petra, the Draken, Kalmar Nyckel, and Captain Johann Steinke who got me into this wonderful world.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Galipeau

Viele liebe Grüße an Gesine und Thomas

Timo grüßt Christian und Marina, sowie HJP und Heike. Und natürlich den Burkhardt 🙂

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  1. Burkhard Adam sagt:

    Vielen Danke für den lieben Gruß aus der Karibik. Ich habe heute nach einem Nasskalten Arbeitstag und voller Neid die Tagesmeldung gelesen. Ganz viel Spaß und tolle Erlebnisse. Gruß an die Crew. Burkhard

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