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What to expect: You'll be part of the crew!

You will basically be involved in everything that we as permanent crew do in order to move and maintain the vessel. As a trainee you can rely on the crew to prepare you for the tasks at hand and to teach you the necessary skills - this is one of our most prominent functions. And we mean this to include all matters, be it unpacking the sails, hoisting and maneuvring under sails as well as in port, watch duties or seemingly profane or mundane challenges as cooking for thirty-odd people on board or the everyday cleaning challenge.

... everyday life on board ...

Going up the rigging might mean working against one's own baser instincts the first time - and exploring one's own boundaries simultaneously. Moreover and casually you can experience and explore how a microcosmos - a group on board - is self-organizing. And to emphasize and underline the essentials - and to discover what is of less importance, but usually clogs up everybodies everyday life whilst you truly team up and are the crew.

Duties of a watch:

Being on watch means to be on duty twice a day for four hours to give the others a chance and opportunity to either enjoy some free time or get some decent well-deserved sleep.



the layout under deck - click to enlarge

  • helming (to "steer" the vessel)

  • be on the look-out (care that we do not run into somebodie's way)

  • sail trimming (adjust the sails according to the wind direction - to make us advance)

  • hoist sails and reef or furl & take in sails according to wind conditions (which is to put the sails into position "function" or "off")

  • set the course and consider other "tactical" matters

  • in port, in berth and at anchor to gueard the ship, check the drift and be a guardian angel over those who sleep

  • call up the next watch in time (which at night also can mean: to wake them up)

  • be part of our daily cleaning team competition

  • help the "galley gang" if you can find a bit of spare time (the galley being a place very central in everybodies attention: the kitchen)


Sounds a lot -but a watch comprises 8 to 12 people, hence the tasks can be easily distributed over the watch.


Groggy, worn out from wind, the work done and all these new impressions - after the change of watches, often held in traditional fashion, you can head for your cozy bunk and curl up for your well-deserved nap. Four people share a room - but if you prefer you can also stick to tradition in your sleep and choose to sleep in a hammock in the crew-accomodation.

Breaking News:
12.03.19 16:34
MV 2019 - save the date

Die jährliche Mitgliederversammlung findet am Samstag, den 04.05. in Hamburg-Harburg statt.



13.02.19 14:00
aktualisierter Törnplan 2019/2020

aktualisierter Törnplan mit Daten bis 01.05.2020


1.02.19 13:44
Aus- und Weiterbildung für Smutanwärter/innen

Während des kommenden AB-Törns, Törn Nr. 0657b, vom 24.04.-02.05.2019

wird es auch eine Aus- und Weiterbildung für Smut Anwärter/innen geben.


20.11.18 17:25
Kalender 2019 und Chronik "25 Jahre in Fahrt"
Chronik: Brigg ROALD AMUNDSEN - 25 Jahre in Fahrt

… ab jetzt per Email bestellen im Schiffsbüro ...


11.10.18 13:07
Feier-Tag: 25 Jahre in Fahrt

.. die Jubilarin strahlt im Sonnenschein, viele Besucher, Gäste und Freunde der Brigg ROALD AMUNDSEN gratulieren. DANKE!


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