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The Crew - all on board are the crew!

We (the non-profit-association LlaS) run the Sail Training Vessel ROALD AMUNDSEN. We run her, we crew her, we care for her. We keep up and hand down traditional seamanship. We further new friendships that cross national borders and generation boundaries. We see sailing as a challenging and educational activity. Incidentally, it is fun, as well. Everybody on deck is part of the crew and a society member. Regardless of age, gender, status, whether as a member of the regular crew or as a first-time trainee. You, too, can join us - whenever you want.


The Regulars: Enthusiastic Volunteers

That describes us, the regular crew of the ROALD AMUNDSEN, perfectly. In contrast to other tall ships, there is no permanent crew on board our brig: the seventeen crew who are needed to sail the ship all work on board on a honarary basis. Honorary does not mean non-professional - but it indicates that the crew members work their passage, which means that they sail the ship in exchange for a free bunk and meals. Since the upkeep of a tall ship is a costly business, all crew members pay a small annual contribution, as well as doing maintenance work when the Roald is in the shipyard and organising meetings and training workshops for the society.


A year with more than 4000 days ...


The Roald Amundsen is truly a traditional sailing vessel since she needs the equivalent of about four thousand (!) working days to crew and sail her all the year round - and roughly another thousand days of work are needed for maintenace and repair work, not taking into account the organizational tasks, training sessions and voluntary work for the society. All this is done on the basis of volunteer work. Quite a feat!

Lots and lots of enthusiasm and above all, time - which is willingly given by the 250-300 members of the regular crew from around the world. And we are justly proud of the result: which is to keep our ship in excellent condition and man her with a well-trained crew all the year round!


A profound admiration for the tall ship Roald Amundsen and the aims she stands for as a sail training vessel (among which are the promotion of international understanding and encouragement of traditional seamanship) encourage the regular crew to continue to devote time and energy to this ship.

If the idea of becoming part of this "bunch of enthusiastic volunteers" appeals to you, we encourage you to explore this webpage where you will find out plenty about the rhythm of shipboard life, what you can expect if you join us as a trainee and how to eventually become part of our regular crew, either as a deckshand, mast captain or as boatstwain or mate.

Breaking News:
12.03.19 16:34
MV 2019 - save the date

Die jährliche Mitgliederversammlung findet am Samstag, den 04.05. in Hamburg-Harburg statt.



13.02.19 14:00
aktualisierter Törnplan 2019/2020

aktualisierter Törnplan mit Daten bis 01.05.2020


1.02.19 13:44
Aus- und Weiterbildung für Smutanwärter/innen

Während des kommenden AB-Törns, Törn Nr. 0657b, vom 24.04.-02.05.2019

wird es auch eine Aus- und Weiterbildung für Smut Anwärter/innen geben.


20.11.18 17:25
Kalender 2019 und Chronik "25 Jahre in Fahrt"
Chronik: Brigg ROALD AMUNDSEN - 25 Jahre in Fahrt

… ab jetzt per Email bestellen im Schiffsbüro ...


11.10.18 13:07
Feier-Tag: 25 Jahre in Fahrt

.. die Jubilarin strahlt im Sonnenschein, viele Besucher, Gäste und Freunde der Brigg ROALD AMUNDSEN gratulieren. DANKE!


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