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Welcome aboard the Roald Amundsen

The brig Roald Amundsen offers the unique experience of sailing on a traditional Tall Ship. Our ship sails all the year round: we enjoy the the Baltic and North Sea in the summer months and explore the Atlantic Canary Islands and Mediterranean in the winter.


At the heart of the voyage lies the experience of the whole crew sailing our ship together in accordance with traditional seamanship. On the first day of your voyage the regular crew will show the new trainees how our ship works and sails - sailing experience is thus not necessary. All the jobs on board, whether in the rigging or on deck, are undertaken together instructed by the experienced watch leaders and deck hands.


The safety of crew and ship is always of prime importance: thus, the course of the voyage will be adjusted according to wind and weather. Work in the rigging is entirely voluntary and is supervised by experienced crew at all times. After the sails have been set and adjusted there will always be time to take in the splendour of a Tall Ship at sea, enjoy the immense vastness of the ocean or lie on deck contemplating the billowing sails and clouds as the ship glides through the waves. You will be able to relax from the hard work of sailing through the night when the ship is lying at anchor in quiet bays or visiting foreign ports.

Discover. Beyond the horizon.

Experience nature and her forces, the wind and the sea. Listen to the lap of the waves and take in the vastness of the ocean. With a bit of luck you might be watching dolphins, whales, mermaids and other sea creatures in their natural environment. Meet people from different backgrounds, of all ages, from different countries and from different walks of life. Discover new friends. Give yourself time to reflect on life and yourself while you listen to the whistling of the wind in the rigging and marvel at the huge billowing sails. Live without your dishwasher and television, and survive if your mobile phone has no reception and stays wonderfully silent for days at a time. Leave your everyday framework behind you for a while and melt in with a different life.



Discover the Sea.

Discover the Sea. A Windjammer. Seamanship.

and ...

Discover yourself anew!

Join the Crew!

Are you looking forward to learning lots of new things, working together in a team, taking on responsibility and sharing unforgettable experiences?


Live and work together in the age-old rhythm of a seagoing vessel. The regular crew is ready to share their knowledge of traditional seamanship and instruct you as one of the trainees. There is plenty of work for everyone on board: On deck. In the rigging (everybody can climb the masts, nobody has to). Below deck. Everywhere a hand is needed and depending on your strengths.



The ROALD AMUNDSEN is at home on the North Sea and in the Baltic during the summer months. In the winter the brig sails in warmer waters, e.g. around the Canary Islands, in the Mediterranean and faces the challenge of the Bay of Biscay on her journey back home - in 2010 she will join the Tall Ships Challenge on the North American Great Lakes. For further details consult our voyage schedule.


Join the Crew, read their day -

and listen to the susurrations straight out of daily life on board a Sailtraining Vessel. Welcome aboard the Roald Amundsen!

We are members of the STAG, Sail Training Association Germany, which is associated with STI, Sail Training International: associations aiming to encourage traditional seamanship, cross-cultural communication and the development of personality, skills and responabilities through the sail training experience. We are also members of the American Sail Training Association ASTA which is focused on youth education, leadership development and the preservation of the maritime heritage of North America and Trans Ocean, an organisation promoting ocean-sailing.

A Tall Ship with a Tall Mission

A Tall Ship entirely run by volunteers: We run her, we crew her, we maintain her. We keep up and hand down traditional seamanship. We further new friendships that cross national borders and generation boundaries. We see sailing as a challenging and educational activity. Incidentally, it is fun as well. Everybody on deck is part of the crew. Regardless of age, gender, status, whether as a member of the regular crew or as a first-time trainee. Trainees are becoming a REAL part of the crew: introduced to each and every aspect of sailing a squarerigger, without ever neglecting the safety.

Join the Ship!

Choose your voyage in our voyage schedule and contact the ship's office with any questions or for booking. Welcome aboard!

Breaking News:
28.04.20 12:15
Aktuelles: Rolling Home 2020: Bermuda - Kiel

Zielhafen Kiel für den unerwartet langen Törn - Welcome back, ROALD AMUNDSEN!


24.04.20 14:33
SailTraining: bis Ende Juni eingestellt.

Törns bis 08. Juli 2020 finden nicht statt. Währenddessen: Arbeit an Land und an Bord.


6.04.20 12:11
ROALD AMUNDSEN - Routenplanung Sommer 2020

Törnplan Sommer 2020: vorerst bis Mai auf Reede gelegt.


24.03.20 10:08
ROALD AMUNDSEN - aktuelle Lage an Land & auf See Ende März 2020

... Schiff und Crew sind wohlauf, auf See mit Kurs Europa. Nach Ankunft: Anpassungen & Änderungen Törnplan geplant, konkrete Angaben leider noch nicht


16.03.20 10:55
Information zur Mitgliederversammlung 2020 - organisatorisches:

.. geplant für den Samstag 18. April 2020 in Hamburg - verschoben. Versand der Einladungen bis auf weiteres gestoppt.



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