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The Ship

Intially designed as deep sea fish lugger, the hull was built in 1952 and directly equipped to service the military fleet of former East Germany. When the Berlin Wall came down, history rendered her obsolete. Discovered by a handful of enthusiasts in Wolgast in 1992, she was converted and rigged as a traditional brig - a tall ship intended for sail training.


Offering Sail Training experiences for beginners as well as young and old salts, ROALD AMUNDSEN operates all year around with voyages lasting between one and three weeks, sailing the waters of North Sea, Baltic Sea and Channel in the summer - often joining Tall Ship's Races - and travels south to the Canary Islands in the winter through some of Europe's most famous seas as the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterrenean. Planning to join the Great Lake Challenge in 2010, the brig will again visit the other side of the Atlantic.


She is crewed and maintained by a large group of enthusiastic regular crew members, entirely on a honorary basis. Many of them first joined as Trainees - training & qualifying the regular crew is part of our permanent program. Leaving about 13k nm per annum in her wake, the ROALD AMUNDSEN trains about 400-500 people and is kept running and shipshape through approx. 5000 mandays of work donated by our regular crew members.




Come and sail with us - and welcome on board!


... the ship in her first life, cruising the baltics, and at berth during a maritime event after coversion to a purpose-designed Sail Training vessel

A team of around Detlev Loell and Hanns Temme founded the LLaS, planned and surveyed the conversion to a Sail Training Vessel: the ROALD AMUNDSEN - she since has been run by the LLaS e.V., a german non-for-profit organisation.

Immo von Schnurbein captained her first voyage under sails, complimenting her on seaworthiness and maneuvring. Captain von Schnurbein indeed had a bearing to compare Tall Ships: he was used to be adressed as Captain - on the Gorch Fock, the Sailtraining Vessel of the German Navy.

Breaking News:
4.05.16 06:43
Roald wieder im Heimatrevier

Sie ist wieder hier - in ihrem Revier! Nach sieben Monaten auf großer Fahrt ist unsere "Roald" nun wieder in heimischen Gewässern. Nicht nur


4.05.16 06:34
Reise des Lebens endet am Tiessenkai

Meterhohe Wellen auf dem Atlantik. Farbenfrohes Schnorcheln in der Karibik. Segel setzen in 30 Meter Höhe. In der Flaute auf den Wind warten. Sie habe


21.03.16 10:03
neue technische Inspektorin

Wir freuen uns auf die neue Mitarbeiterin von LLaS, Frau Sylvia Weiss mit dem Aufgabenbereich der technischen Inspektion.


Sylvia Weiss ist Dipl, I


14.03.16 18:20
Russland Projekt

Die Vorbereitungen für das Russland Projekt, mit dem wir im Sommer nach Russland fahren, liegen in den letzten Zügen.

Das Projekt hat eine eigene We


3.02.16 22:24
Kieler Woche 2016

Tagestörns an Bord der Brigg ROALD AMUNDSEN


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